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Diamond Drill Bit for Jewelry Work
Small Solid Tip Jewelry Bits
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Jewelry Diamond Drill Bit
Small Diamond Jewelry Bits

Small Diamond Jewelry Drill Bits

Jewelry Drill Bits

For drilling Jewelry, Beads, Shells, Stones & Glass
Sizes: 1.0mm, 1.4mm, 1.75mm, 2.0mm

Small solid-tip diamond drill bits are designed primarily for working with delicate jewelry type work such as small stones, sea shells, sea glass and other small delicate projects.  The small diamond drill bits are used with water for lubrication.  The most effective cooling and lubrication is obtained when drilling under water, with the material submerged in a shallow bath of water that slightly covers the top surface of the material being drilled.

To understand the "tiny" size of these Jewelry Drill Bits, we photographed them next to a US 10 cent coin.  A "dime" coin is 1.3mm thick and gives a relative comparison for the 1.0mm, 1.4mm, 1.75mm and 2.0mm diamond drill bits.  These small diamond drill bits are similar to diamond wire bits, but they are stronger and have a grooved tip design for faster drilling and longer life.  We've tested lots of jewelry drill bits and these are the best!

These drill bits are generally used in a small drill press as they are difficult to use in a hand drill.  The drill bits are designed for speeds to 10,000 rpm while using only very light pressure. 

The diamond jewelry drills are sold below, in 3-packs.  Each package contains 3 drill bits.  There is also a 4-Pack Assortment that contains one of each size of the small diamond drill bits.

Caution:  The shafts of the tiny Jewelry style bits are very small.  It is critical that the drill bit be placed as far into the drill bit "chuck" as possible, so that the drilling tip of the bit sticks out only a small amount.  This is necessary to provide adequate support for the small shafts.

Solid-Tip Diamond Jewelry Drill Bit Sizes 

Metric Size

US Inches


1.0 mm



1.4 mm



1.75 mm



2.0 mm



Note: These drill bits can't be used in a 'Dremel" style tool.  The drill bits have 1.0mm - 2.0mm shafts while most Dremel tools require a 1/8" shaft.

Diamond Jewelry Drill Bits

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Qty / Order?
DT-491  1.0mm Small Jewelry Diamond Drill Bit
                   (3-Pack, contains 3 drill bits)

DT-493  1.4mm Small Jewelry Diamond Drill Bit
                   (3-Pack, contains 3 drill bits)

DT-494  1.75mm Small Jewelry Diamond Drill Bit
                   (3-Pack, contains 3 drill bits)

DT-495  2.0mm Small Jewelry Diamond Drill Bit
                   (3-Pack, contains 3 drill bits)

DT-499  4-Pack Jewelry Drill Bit Assortment
(1 each - 1mm, 1.4mm, 1.75mm, 2mm)






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Half-Circle Diamond Jewelry File
Half-Circle shaft profile
shown in lower left of picture.

All Purpose Diamond File
General Purpose File With 'Half-Circle' Shaft Profile

Diamond coated file is 7" long with "half-circle" profile.  A perfect general purpose file for use on flat, rounded or curved edges.  Use on glass, stained glass, ceramic, marble, stone, fiberglass or plastic.  Blade of file is 3/8" wide, tapering to a point.  Perfect for filing off sharp edges, reshaping cuts or reaming drilled holes.  Handle is vinyl coated for safety and comfort.

DF-151  7" Diamond 'Half-Circle' File ......... ea 12.95 / 3+ 11.63 / 8+ 9.29

                                 Sorry - Out of Stock

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