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Copyright Diamond Drill Bit & Tool   All web site content, including images, pictures, graphics, layout designs, computer scripts, wording content and page organization, are the exclusive registered property of Diamond Drill Bit & Tool.
  All web site content was specifically created by or for Diamond Drill Bit & Tool, and is for display purposes only.  As such, the content may not be downloaded or used for any purpose other than for viewing.
  U.S. Federal Copyright Law imposes criminal charges of up to $1,000 for each specific copyright violation.  A specific copyright violation has been interpreted by the courts as the theft of one specific image, picture, graphic, layout design, computer script, etc.
  Additionally, U.S. law allows for civil actions to be filed for copyright violations.  There are no dollar limitations in civil court actions.
  International law has generally adopted the U.S. criminal and civil copyright standards through U.S. trade agreements with most other countries.
  Specific items contained in the Diamond Drill Bit and Tool web site have been registered with various U.S. and international organizations as specific legal proof of ownership.
  Diamond Drill Bit & Tool has adopted a policy to aggressively pursue criminal and civil actions for all known copyright violations to the full extent of U.S. and International law.

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