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Diamond Drill Bits

Jewelry Drill Bits

Drill Jewelry
Glass, Tile
Sea Glass
Very small, solid-tip diamond drill
bits primarily for intricate drilling.  
Requires water for lubrication.

4 Sizes:
 1mm, 1.4mm, 1.75mm & 2mm

Diamond Drill Bits

Glass Drill Bit - Tile Drill Bit

Drill Glass, Tile
Bottles, Blocks
Jars, Fiberglass
Porcelain Tile
Ceramic, Slate
Mable, Granite
Thin Stone
Thin-wall bonded diamond bits - drill fast and are relatively inexpensive.  Hole saw / core drill style bit. 
Not for use on concrete or masonry.
Use water lubrication.

     27 Sizes: 5/64" to 5-1/2"

Diamond Drill Bits

Sintered Tile Drill Bits

Drill Tile & Stone
Brick, Masonry
Concrete, Marble
Limestone, Slate
Granite, Quartz
Other Stones
Professional heavy-duty sintered diamond drill bits.  Sintered bits have diamonds embedded into the metal tip.  As the tip wears down, more diamonds come to the surface for long life.  Use water lubrication.
          25 Sizes: 1/8" to 5"

Diamond Drilling
Tips & Techniques

How to Drill Glass, Drill Tile

Drilling Tips
How To Drill
Glass, Tile

Drilling in hard or fragile materials with a diamond drill bit is different than drilling in wood or metal.

Drilling Tips and Techniques section has an extensive discussion on various subjects to make your job or project easier.  Please check it out.
    18 Different Drill Bit Topics!

Water Swivel
Water Feed Device

Water Swivel Drilling

Diamond drill bits require water to lubricate and cool the bit.  Ways to lubricate the bits are discussed in the Tips & Techniques section, above.

One of the most effective methods, used in professional and industrial applications, is a Water Swivel - Water Feed System to apply water through the central core of the bit.

Glastar Solid Tip
Diamond Drills

Glass Drill

Drill Glass
Glastar bonded diamond drill bits have a solid two-stage tip, for drilling in glass.  The bonded hole saw style drill bits above, drill faster and cost less, however the Glastar bit is great for those people who prefer a solid tip diamond bit.  Use water lubrication.
      3 Sizes: 1/8", 1/4" & 3/8" 

Diamond Drill Bits have different designs depending upon the specific drilling task and material to be drilled.  We carry a wide variety of various diamond drill styles and sizes to serve the needs of most jobs and projects.  The above summary discusses the various uses of the different style diamond drills.  The detail page for each diamond drill type above, includes a more extensive discussion.



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