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Engraver Bit Set
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Safety Glasses




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Engraver Bit Set
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Diamond Engraver Bit Set
Fits Dremel & Other Engraving Tools with 3/32" Chuck

Engraver Bit Set of 20 diamond bits has tip profiles to fit any job.  Used for engraving, detailing, carving, touch-up and finishing.  Bits can be used on glass, stained glass, ceramic, marble, stone, plastic, fiberglass or even hard woods.  Each bit is 1-3/4" long, with a 3 mm shaft, to fit Dremel and other engraving tools with 3 mm and 1/8" chucks.  Set of 20 bits includes plastic case for convenient bit selection and storage.

Recommended speeds for engraver bits is:
   Glass: 800-2,500 rpm,       Ceramic: 600-1,500 rpm,
   Marble: 400-1,200 rpm,     Granite: 250-750 rpm. 
       Water should always be used for lubrication.

DT-595  Diamond Engraver Bit Set ....................... ea 19.95 / 12+ 13.96

                             Sorry - Out of Stock

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Safety Glasses 

Safety Glasses
A Must for Eye Protection

Heavy-duty plastic glasses have clear lenses with side shields for added safety.  Glasses are light weight and can be worn over prescription glasses.

TL-905  Safety Glasses ...................................... each 2.95 / 6+ 2.49

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All-Purpose Coolant
Use With All Diamond Grinding Tools

Coolant adds life to all your all diamond cutting and grinding bits and heads.  Also reduces heat that causes fractures while grinding or cutting.  Coolant mixes 30:1 with water to produce two gallons from 8 oz jar.

SP-904  Grinder & Bandsaw Coolant ........................................ 5.79

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Half-Circle Diamond File
Half-Circle shaft profile
shown in lower left of picture.

All Purpose Diamond File
General Purpose File With 'Half-Circle' Shaft Profile

Diamond coated file is 7" long with "half-circle" shaft.  A perfect general purpose file for use on flat, rounded or curved edges.  Use on glass, stained glass, ceramic, marble, stone, fiberglass or plastic.  Blade of file is 3/8" wide, tapering to a point.  Perfect for filing off sharp edges, reshaping cuts or reaming drilled holes.  Handle is vinyl coated for safety and comfort.

DF-151  7" Diamond 'Half-Circle' File ........... ea 12.95 / 3+ 11.63 / 8+ 9.29

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