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DB-100 Diamond Bandsaw

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DB-100 Bandsaw

DB-100 Diamond Band Saw
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Inland DB-100 Diamond Bandsaw

Hobbyist Level Diamond Bandsaw

The DB-100 Bandsaw is a hobbyist level diamond bandsaw designed primarily for glass, stained glass, plastic or fiberglass.  Saw will also cut ceramic, marble, or stone, however for cutting these materials, a more powerful, professional level saw is generally recommended. 

Innovative bandsaw has many advanced features.  Unique 'Flow-Through' coolant system applies coolant at the upper blade guide while lower drain removes used coolant.  Coolant reservoir in upper housing holds 1/2 liter.  Replaceable BladeSert blade guide fits into table and provides support where needed.  The direct drive variable speed motor provides plenty of power for hobbyist to cut intricate and difficult shapes.  Includes two seamless stainless steel diamond blades.  Two year manufacturer's warranty (warranty excludes blade).

Frame:  Construction Grade Plastic 
Motor:  1/10 hp, 115 vac, Variable Speed (0-3,000rpm)
Motor Torque:  48 oz-inches
Blade Speed:  Variable 0 - 800 inches per second
Case Size:  Height 18", Weight 9 lbs
Table Size:  11" x 9" Aluminum
Lubrication:  Gravity feed, 1/2 liter reservoir
Saw Throat Depth:  5"  Upper Blade Guide:  4-1/2"
Mfgr Warranty:  Two Years (excl. blade)
Warning:  Inland will not honor the warranty on
                 this item if it is used with salt water.

SPECIAL - Each Saw Includes Diamond Blade!     

- Mfgr reg price $380  On-Line SPECIAL $349.75!   

Out of Stock No Backorders

TL-368  Inland DB-100 Bandsaw .................................. 349.75
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Inland DB-100 Bandsaw Accessories




TL-372   Diamond 37.7" Seamless Steel Blade (INL90007)
Sorry - Out of Stock - No Backorders


TL-369   Wood Cutting Blade for DB-100 (INL90001)


TL-365   Metal Cutting Blade for DB-100 (INL90003)


TL-379   Replacement Blade Sert (INL90022)
Sorry - Out of Stock - No Backorders


TL-378   Replacement Upper Blade Guide (INL90016)
Sorry - Out of Stock - No Backorders


SP-904  Grinder Bandsaw Coolant, 4oz (mixes to 2 gal)






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