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Beveler Conversion Kit
Beveler Conversion Kit

Disc Conversion Kit

Disc Conversion Kit



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Disc Conversion Kit
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Twin Spin Grinder
Twin Spin Model Grinder

Disc Conversion Kit
Converts Impulse or Wizard IV Grinders
Into Combination Router/Disc Grinder

Conversion kit changes the Impulse or Wizard IV router style grinder into a combination router/disc grinder with the addition of the Twin Spin dual-level work surface, 5" diamond disc, 22/30/45/90 degree mitre bars and coolant drip system.  The conversion kit results in a complete Twin Spin grinder with all the power, accessories and options of the factory Twin Spin model.  See also: Twin Spin Grinder <Click Here>

TL-306 Disc Conversion Kit (Impulse or Wizard IV) ..................... 74.75

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Beveler Kit shown mounted
on an Impulse grinder

Beveler Conversion Kit
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Inland 3-Step Beveler Conversion Kit
Converts Impulse, TwinSpin or Wizard IV
Grinders into a Mini-Beveler Machines

Now you can modify stock glass bevels or even design your own glass bevels.  Beveler kit converts Inland Impulse, Twin Spin or Wizard IV grinders into mini-beveling machines.  Kit includes rough cut and fine cut 14 degree grinding wheels, 5" polishing disc, beveling work surface, polishing compound and instructions.  Optional 2-1/2" polishing disc (for small inside curves) also available, below.

TL-308  Beveler Conversion Kit (requires grinder) ..................... 144.75

Out of Stock - No Backorders

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TL-329  Optional 2-1/2" Polishing Disc ..................................... 27.95

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SP-903  Polishing Compound, 4 oz ........................................... 8.95

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