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Regular Grinder Heads:
     Standard Grit Heads
     Fine Grit Heads
     Speed Grit Heads
Disc Grinder Heads:
       Inland 5" Disc
Specialty Grinder Heads:
     Lamp Bit/Head
     Ripple Bit/Head
     Jewelry Bit/Head




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1/4" Diamond Grinder Head
1/4" Grinder Head

3/4" Diamond Grinding Head
3/4" Grinder Head

1" Diamond Grinder Head
1" Grinder Head

Diamond Router Grinder Heads
Fine Grit - Standard Grit - Course Speed Grit

Diamond grinder heads fit all Inland grinders and can be used as replacements on Glastar (except Starlet/G5), Gemstone or other grinders with a 5/16" shaft size.  Available in Standard (120 grit), Fine (220 grit) or Speed (60 grit). 

The standard grit grinder head is used most often and is the type originally included with the grinders from the factory.  The Fine Grit heads provide a much smoother edge, however, they grind much slower - maybe only half as fast.  The Speed Bit heads grind nearly twice as fast as standard heads but because of the courser diamond grit, they leave a somewhat rougher edge.  Other specialty heads are also available below.

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Standard Grinder Heads (120 grit):

   TL-310  1/4" Standard Grinder Head

   TL-311  3/4" Standard Grinder Head

   TL-312  1"   Standard Grinder Head


Fine Grit Grinder Heads (220 grit):

   TL-343  1/4" Fine Grit Grinder Head

   TL-344  3/4" Fine Grit Grinder Head

   TL-345  1"   Fine Grit Grinder Head


Speed Grinder Heads (60 grit):

   TL-320  1/4" Speed Grinder Head

   TL-321  3/4" Speed Grinder Head

   TL-322  1"   Speed Grinder Head



Note: Specialty Heads Available Below





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Lamp Grinder Bit
Lamp Bit

Ripple Grinder Head
Ripple Bit

Jewelry Diamond Grinding Bit
Jewelry Bit

Specialty Grinder Heads

The Lamp Bit grinder head has 9 degree and 18 degree angled sides, which allows you to grind the edge of  lamp panels to fit properly.

The Ripple Bit grinder head is used to reduce the thickness of the edge of specialty glass to the standard 1/8" thickness.

A Jewelry Bit has a very thin grinding surface designed for creating a slot in fused glass, stones or jewels for making jewelry.  The 1.4 mm bit is designed to create a slot to fit 16 or 18 guage wire, and the 1.0 mm bit will create a slot to fit 20 or 22 guage wire.

Inland diamond grinder heads fit all Inland grinders and can be used as replacements on Glastar (except Starlet/G5), Gemstone or other grinders with a 5/16" shaft size.  Regular grinder heads are also available, above.

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TL-346  3/4" Lamp Bit Grinder Head

TL-347  3/4" Ripple Bit Grinder Head

TL-223  1" Jewelry Grinder Head - 1.0mm

 TL-222  1" Jewelry Grinder Head - 1.4mm






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5" Twin Spin Grinding Disc
5" TwinSpin Disc

Inland 5" Diamond Disc Heads
For Inland Twin Spin Router/Disc Grinders

The 5" diamond disc head is used on the Inland Twin Spin combination router/disc grinder.  The disc head has a 5/16" shaft size.

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TL-314  5" Disc for Inland TwinSpin, Std
(standard grit, 120 grit)
Sorry - Out of Stock - No Backorders




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